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Earth , as far as we know the only place life exists anywhere in Universe, a special place, rare, unique,fragile, irreplaceable, our home - All the people of earth are all in grave danger, not from terrorists or natural forces, not from climate change or disease but from the dark forces of Moron. Moron ! the dark lord of stupidity , the bringer of dumb, the harbinger of delusion, ignorance and darkness. The maintainer of mumbo jumbo , hocus pocus and gobble d gook, whos shadow we are all born under. His disciples the Morons do his work , spreading dumb, doing dumb , being dumb and the dumbness envelopes us all in a great dark cloak of ignorance. For these are the Dim AGES. Belief and delusion, the pillars of Morons evil work, abound across the earth , Imaginary beings, unsustainable economics,the destruction of life for profit. Moron feeds on the fantasy lives of billions of Humans as they grope though the glory of existence hobbled by collective stupidity, blinded by ignorance, crippled by lies. Unless we fight them Morons will destroy us and our home the earth , morons will make you and your children stupid, morons believe anything and will kill you if you don't believe it as well, morons are everywhere and the dark lord moron is making more every day...Now is the time to take sides, to stand with The Astronomers on the eternal road of infinite study , on side of light and life and knowledge, to praise the laws of physics and spread the sacred facts . and all other things that we may know, and to while morons believe, for none will be spared and none will be untouched in - The WAR ON Moron - Morons who believe without question , who have faith but no facts , morons who claim a higher hand guides them to be dumb, commands them to be stupid and encourages their ignorance, must be stopped. Only Morons can destroy life and claim a higher purpose, morons are base, merciless, killers whos dogma bigotry prejudice fear and loathing has doomed humanity to millenia of ignorance and suffering. We The Astronomers must fight Moron’s before his dominion over the people of the earth is complete , before believing becomes compulsoy once more, before this brief window of light is snuffed out and the tyrrany of dogma returns, before Morons, in the senseless quest for wealth, destroy more of earth and its life. We are all born morons but By ridding ourselves of ignorance we are saved from stupidity and dumbness. So it is for the world armed with knowledge, spreading the facts, shining the light of enquiry , we Fight to save the earth and its people from Moron , for we are their salvation , we the Astronomers must bring the miracle of facts,the joy of knowing to the people, gently washing moron from their minds, illuminating the darkest corners of dumb, lighting up a world of mumbo jumbo with the awe and wonder of Universe, adding to our order the minds of all humans till we rid the world of ignorance and Moron is defeated. Join the astronomers and follow in the footsteps of some really smart people, for every human on the eternal road of infinite study is one less followers of the dark forces of Moron. Spacetime

Added: December 14, 2009, 8:10 pm

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