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Cosmos Episodio 3 parte 7/7

Episodio 3: La armonía de los mundos Contenido: Astronomí­a vs astrologí­a Ptolomeo y el modelo geocéntrico Johannes Kepler y Tycho Brahe Las Leyes de Kepler. Fuente: Episode 3: The Harmony of the Worlds Contents: 1. Opening 2. Astronomers vs. Astrologers Astronomy vs. astrology 3. Astrology Careful observations, fuzzy thinking and pious fraud. 4. Laws of Nature 5. Constellations Constellations and ancient astronomy 6. Astronomers Anasazian ceremonial calendar 7. Ptolemy/Copernicus Ptolemy and the geocentric world view 8. Johannes Kepler 9. Kepler and Tycho Brahe 10. Kepler's Laws 11. The Somnium The first Science Fiction book: The Dream Source:

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