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Copernicus Crater Phoenix Moon Base

A huge mile high Phoenix statue and a split tail NAZCA line Peru depicted massive abduction vessel are near the two KM high crater wall of this 53 mile/ 98 KM wide crater called Copernicus. It has two of the largest alien objects that can be seen from Earth with a large or pro class of telescope. The main picture was taken by Apollo 17 and the data is backed up in this video from the other side via PIA00094 taken years earlier by one of the NASA Lunar Orbiter satellites. I think Apollo 17 was a recon mission to observe an alien base in Copernicus captured in both Lunar Orbiter and Apollo 12 photos? Very ancient yet perfectly preserved on Earth's Moon. The cool thing about this photo is it is from the side of the moon faced toward Earth. This crater is located at 10 Deg. North and 20Deg West so we can locate the anomalies within its large parimeter.

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