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Rap News 14: Higgs Boson Unbound (Feat. Prof. Scott Ridley) Juice Rap News: Episode 14 - "The Waiting for Godot Particle". This civilisation's Promethean quest for ultimate meaning has taken a giant leap towards its epic conclusion. In the latest prequel to humanity's journey to inner-space, scientists at the CERN laboratory announce that they have unlocked one of the key strands in the origin of Life, The Universe and Everything: 42 years on from its coining, the Higgs Boson particle has possibly been detected at the Large Hadron Collider. What does it all mean? How does it feel to meet our Masster? What is our destiny? Could this be the font of all wisdom? Does it anti-matter that Scientists make use of 'ComicSans' - the font of all evil? Is anyone conCERNed about the MASS amount of Higgslarious Pun-upmanship Colliding in the twittersphere? Join Robert Foster as he takes a journalistic journey into this particular world, and manages to corner a colourful character, CERN Professor Scott Ridley, who is several bottles into getting his Bos-on at the massive "Hadron Collider Higgs Boson PARTYcle" celebration. CONNECT with us: Website: Twitter: Farcebook: SUPPORT the creation of new episodes of Juice Rap News - a show which relies on private donations: DOWNLOAD free MP3: LYRICS available here: CREDITS: - BEAT: This episode contains a killer beat, "One Time", from our favourite new UK beat-maker, Red Skull. Check out his other insanely ill beats on his pages: - ARTWORK: Thanks to Zoe Tame for images and for website wizardry! Thanks to Jonas Schweizer in Germany for animating the Promethean intro and glass smash (See his work:; And thanks to Joshy Anderson for the loan of the bone-fide pharmacist lab coat! CAPTIONS are coming soon...

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