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The Hubble Space Telescope is Back and Better Than Ever!

By popular demand, I've created a high definition montage of the latest images released from the upgraded Hubble Space Telescope. Many Space Fans out there wanted a montage of just the music and animations. Well, your wish is my command. Enjoy the eye candy! The Hubble Space Telescope now has a new Wide Field Camera, a repaired Advanced Camera for Surveys and two new spectrographs, making this telescope into an entirely different instrument than it was before. We have so much to look forward to now; an entirely new generation of images will be pouring out of this thing - what I'm showing here is just the beginning. At first, I was against repairing the HST, I wanted resources put into the James Webb Telescope, I'm glad no one listened to me! All animations/video are courtesy NASA/ESA and can be obtained here: I purchased the rights to use this music from AudioSparx (thanks for the donations Space Fans, it's what made this possible!) and can be found here: Celtic Dawn: Techno Galactica:

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