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The History Channel Australia & New Zealand The Universe : 1/14 Beyond The Big Bang : 4/7 Galileo Learn about Galileo's bold moves of challenging the church with his theories of the universe. --- It all began inside a violent, blinding explosion that threw everything into chaos. Ever since, our greatest thinkers have peered into that chaos in search of order, logic & the answers to where we began. As earlier generations learned to decipher the cosmic clues of how we came to be, we stepped from revelation to revelation; epiphany to epiphany. Aristotle told us the world was round. Ptolemy conceived of a system of planets, stars & sun. Copernicus placed the sun at the center of this system. Galileo confirmed it. Newton explained what held it all together. Einstein offered insight into what fueled it. Hubble proposed it started with a "Big Bang". Our search for answers has shaped how we have evolved as thinking creatures. The Big Bang is the history of why & how we think about who & what we are. We'll contemplate how various cultures believe the world began & how it will all end...& what comes after. & for the first time, we'll be able to see what it might have all looked like, sitting in God's front row seats. Using unprecedented cutting edge animation, The Big Bang will recreate that amazing moment when everything started. With interviews from the world's leading physicists, engineers & historians we will employ every storytelling tool to make complex & confusing ideas clear, exciting & dramatic. Recreations, visual metaphors & first-person accounts will explain concepts like: the formation of galaxies, the existence of other dimensions & the idea of a parallel universe. The Big Bang will pose one of history's greatest questions, Where do we begin? ---

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