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Hope Is For Morons - Ordono Mundi

One time fellow traveller welcome to the ministry of tspace time and the church of great stdy , I am the very reverend Ordo mundi humble servant of universe, maintainer of the laws of physic and student of the on ething greater than I am. great googly moogly I like to begin this weeks saying of stuff with a reading from the book of Newton ..change be upon him...a great sage of the astronomers who gave us the lwas of motion so that we may be free from ignorance and live not as morons....And Isacc for that was also his name did set down upon the firmamnet the first law of motion and This law is known as the law of inertia. "A body continues to maintain its state of rest or of uniform motion unless acted upon by an external unbalanced force.. aint it so ...praise the Laws, let me hear ya say praise the laws..can I get a we know ..we know... yes we do join me now and fill your lungs with a mix of gases from our atmosphere for our hymn today ..Morons are hoping, Morons are hoping, God is the answer to all the questions and mysteries too astronmers study and then know the answers you can all join us and know them too Theer really is no god , at least not a person you are not special hes not watching you join us if you want to know the answers join us and be an astronomer too Mine is the starlight, mine is the knowing Born of the one light, Universe made Praise with elation, astronomers who have studied universe and become sage Yes morons are hoping , and hope is desperate and will not feed you nor save you from ignorance nor form in your brain the knowing of anything . But morons ar ehappy ,,happy happy happyy ...and ignorance for many peole is bliss and even if it isnt , some mumbo jumbo vodoo nutta will come along and tell them ..You could be happy , you and you r petty , cosmically insignificant life, could be filled with happines and you personally could experiance a deep fullfullment in a spiritual way that only I and my voodoo bretheren can tell you all about .. just mumble the mumbo after me and you selfish personal happiness needs will be taken care of by god , who even tho he created universe and is currently manifesting his will over infinite time and all things , is personnalluy interested din your salvation, and your happness yes he is ,cos its all about you wonderfully special person you let me hear you say vodooo..voodoo...its voodoo , taking you away from the road , stealling you from the path of study and making you a navel gazing twat, more concerned with ya own smugg self satifaction than doing or knowing anything usefull .. Astronomers may be happy or may not be happy , and your happiness or lack of it may influence universe in many ways ..but I can asure you it will not change the sacred facts , not alter the laws of physics and no amount of happiness will yield or prevent a unified theory of all energy and mass we see , from being discovered..So let us not dwell in the selfish domain of personal fullfillment , there is nothing to saveyou from but ignornce and nobody is listening to yo prayer s but you , so get up of ya knees and come study...remeber many of our revered forebears , galileo , copernicus, kepler, gave up their lives , there comforts their safety and yea even their happiness , to know more about universe than was know already...Ahem ...let us know OH Universe that is not happy or sad at our coming or going tho we may be as we know we will come and go OH Universe that is not fullfilled by our motions or actions tho we may think upon them and guage them for ourselves OH Universe that is not concerned with our well being , or survival tho we may take stock of them to continue our study OH Universe that cares not for our good deeds or bad so we may be without like or dislike for them also OH Universe that is not happy or sad at our coming or going Reveal the facts , and the laws to us the astronomers so we may deal with the morons and ignorant savages bringing them with us on the etrnal road of infinite study Spacetime Well thanks for listening , dont forget to vist our website and help us on our sacred quest to rid the world of ignorance, spread the facts and buy the planet ..remember this is your one time , this is the time of choice , this is the middle of time , here we are and here is where its at..great googly moogly..


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