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CERN 'Higgs Boson' Announcement: We Have Observed A New Particle

In the video dated July 4 2012, Joe Incandela, a spokesman for Cern, announces that scientists "have observed a new particle". "We have quite strong evidence that there's something there. Its properties are still going to take us a little bit of time. "But we can see that it decays to two photons, for example, which tells us it's a boson, it's a particle with integer spin. And we know its mass is roughly 100 times the mass of the proton. And this is very significant. This is the most massive such particle that exists, if we confirm all of this, which I think we will," Mr Incandela, the CMS Spokesperson says. "And this is very, very significant. It's something that may, in the end, be one of the biggest observations of any new new phenomena in our field in the last 30 or 40 years, going way back to the discovery of quarks, for example," he adds. The origin of mass has been fiercely debated for decades **Credit to the UK Telegraph for the amazing video

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