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The Contortionist-Exoplanet I-Egress, II-Void, III-Light W/ LYRICS

The COMPLETE three piece movement of Exoplanet by The Contortionist Absolutely amazing musicians in this band. At first when I heard these guys I though they weren't anything special. They might be that way for you too. I encourage you to listen to this multiple times (not all at once perhaps) and see if you can really dig into the music. It is incredible. I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE MUSIC Lyrics: I We are among the stars Who are the operators of this boundless array? The expedition takes us to our new home... Systems reallign Speculation based on calculated reason leads me to believe we are not alone Seeded by a greater race, we only hope to find the answers now embedded into the fabric of our minds Are we moving forward? Guided by the maps of progress Imperfect perfections allow existence __________________________________________________ II We long to feel our bodies outside centrifugal conditions. An orderly solar system will outlast this guiding center system. As we leave our galaxy, every certainty abandoned. The referential lawns of man are lost, nothing is relative. Cold and empty space surrounds and swells. Time is moving at invariable speeds and our instruments are useless. Oscillating obsession, beautiful apparatus. These cycles put my mind at ease. Bodies cannot sustain what this was built for. The body cannot sustain what this was built for. We worship oscillation, no other way. __________________________________________________ III The microcosm is in exhibition. Terrestial shaped into a magnificent realm. Our colonial settlements are threatened by the sky. The circling disk of ice watches quietly from a distance. Refracting nebulaic dust has pierced the outer shell. A blooming world is being ripped apart. Planetary wide scorching from the focused light. This extra solar vessel, orbiting the cluster. Ejects the sample pods of the Eden passengers. As for us, we must migrate. This exoplanet has failed.

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