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Creation Astronomy Propaganda Debunked 04

Once again, thanks for your patience guys and girls! New videos should be out more frequently from now on. In this video, we look at some outright lies and general creationist assbaggery about Venus, straight from the mouth of the good preacher, Spike Psarris. Dr. James Kasting's website, with plenty of great research to read, can be found here: Specifically, the paper of direct interest can be downloaded here: If you don't mind following a little atmospheric science, it's a highly recommended read. *About Venus' collision: Of course, we cannot directly observe events in the Solar System which happened millions of millenia ago. Current theory is a product of indirect evidence (such as the retrograde motion or high axial tilt - depending on how you look at it) combined with models for planet formation. It's harder to reconcile Venus with biblical creation though, because your conclusion will be in the region of the creator deliberately attempting to confuse its creation, and stifle their academic progress; hardly a loving act. Studying the atmospheric composition of Venus further will shed some light on its ancient history. I would suggest the greatest puzzles with Venus are its highly circular orbit (also a property of fellow freak planet, Uranus) and the fact that it has no moons (which are thought to be products of catastrophic collisions). The planet may well have formed as the result of two large objects actually 'sticking' together. I myself, and the scientific community have no intention of hiding these questions from the public. But I ask that you remember that a gap in our knowledge about something, particularly with no direct evidence, in no way validates jumping to wild conclusions. Future generations will be laughing at people like Spike even harder than we are now. If you're interested in seeing some great videos about inconsistencies with the bible, please check out the series entitled 'An Honest Search for the Truth' by holysinecure: They were kind enough to give me a shout out recently and I'd like to return the favour (but recorded this video before I saw theirs - d'oh!) Various material in this video was produced by NASA/ESA All multimedia displayed is done so with fair use intended, for entirely non-profit, non-copyright, educational purposes. If you are the rightful owner of any material within the video and would like me to remove it, please contact me via my YouTube channel. Music used in this video: Emotion 98.6 - Mylo Onyx - Basement Jaxx

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