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Thunderbolts the Electric Universe and Plasma Physics

Thunderbolt the Tutorial is about the electrical model of the universe. In the universe plasma makes up 99.99% of everything we can see. Our current model has big flaws that has forced scientist to dream up things that don't exist in order to explain things that we see out there in space. Yet the electrical model can explain most of these things. So why don't we hear about this model? It's not mentioned on TV shows like The Universe or How The Earth Was Made, Discovery Channel, or even PBS, never talk about it, WHY? Electricity, that's why! If the universe has electrical currents flowing thru it, and it does, then it's just a matter of time before we would learn how to harness that energy. You would have to buy a devise that would output the power, but after that it would be free. Imagine being able to drive anywhere you wanted to without having to stop and fill up your tank every 200 or 300 miles. Imagine your home when it's 110 degrees outside, but inside a nice 75 degrees with no electric bill to eat up all your hard earned money. Could it be true? I believe it could, and this would defiantly be a reason for the energy companies to not want this known. _____________________________________________________ Related videos: The truth about dark energy, it's really zero point energy. A short 10 min video about the electrical universe and plasma physics. Dr. Chuck Missler on The Electric Universe 1hr 43min lecture. Wallace Thornhill on the misconceptions of the electrical universe 13 min. Universe - The Cosmology Quest Pt 1 Universe - The Cosmology Quest Pt 2 ______________________________________ For more informative videos like this one: _____________________________________ Now you can add my Playlist to your Channel. Just follow the 6 easy steps below. 1. Click on the link below and find a Playlist you would like to add to your Channel. All the Playlist shown from the link below are either directly one of my Playlist, or someone's that have already saved one of my Playlist to their Channel, or a Playlist they have made themselves that contain a link to a video from my Channel. 2. Once you have found a playlist that you would like to add to your channel, click on the title link of that playlist. You will be taken to the 1st video in that playlist, and a playlist bar will be displayed at the bottom of your browser. 3. On the right hand side of playlist bar, click on the options button and then the Save as a new Playlist button. 4. Enter a Playlist title and a description, and then click on the save button. The Play list is now your Playlist. 5. To display the Playlist on your channel go to your channels home page and click on the Videos and Playlist button. 6. Click on the box for the Playlist that you just created and then the Save Changes button. That's it! The Playlist is now a Playlist on your channel.

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