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The AstronomersGod particle signal is simulated as sound
God particle signal is simulated as sound
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The sounds of the LHC - Funded from the STFC's Science in Society Small Awards scheme a team of scientists from UCL headed up by Dr Lily Asquith have successfully simulated what sounds the elusive Higgs Boson, nicknamed 'the God Particle' in the media, will make when they are produced at the Large Hadron Collider. Read the story in full on the BBC News (link opens in a new window) website. The search for the Higgs Boson was one of the main reasons for building the Large Hadron Collider. Finding the Higgs Boson would give an incredible leap to our understanding of how the universe was created, helping us answer the fundamental questions of how and why stars, planets and people came to exist at all. The Higgs Boson is proving difficult to detect because it isn't visible long enough to be photographed. Scientists can't catch one, but they can look for evidence that one has been in the detector. Like an exploding firework, it leaves a particular display, with different particles behaving a bit like different kinds of firework. What makes the job of analyzing them so complicated, is that billions of these fireworks are going off every second, and many of them look very similar! Today the LHC may have the potential to explain the origin of all four fundamental forces—gravity, electromagnetism, and the strong and weak nuclear forces. Physicists believe that at the beginning of time there was a single superforce which unified these fundamental forces. Finding it could be the crowning achievement in the history of science, ending 2,000 years of speculation since the Greeks first wondered what the world is made of. It could answer some of the deepest questions facing us, such as: What happened before the Big Bang? Are there parallel universes? Is time travel possible? And are there other dimensions?
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