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2012 the Maya is a composition inspired by the Mayan culture and their predictions based on their astronomical theories in 2012, I used two Mayan languages (Lacandon Maya and Maya Chorti) and is intended to strengthen our identity through these ancestral proposals that 2012 is a year of change and renewal of mankind. 1) THE SOLAR AND ALIGNMENT TORMENT Galatica (expose the astronomical, specifically those effects of the sun to the earth predicted by the Mayans, and the alignment of the planets in the solar system with the center of the galaxy the Mayans called Hunab Ku, these effects have been confirmed by NASA) 2) THE EMPEROR'S ABSENCE (Honduras is a bride abandoned by their emperor, the emperor is the love we have for our country all Hondurans, have actually abandoned bride in her depression Honduras wants to die because the Hondurans not love, is where TAB IX quote TODAY BRING ME WANT TO PLACE BEYOND THE SICOPOMPO comes to me ... it's like a lot of state of depression) 3) THE CEREMONY OF THE ADVENT OF THE SIXTH SUN (something astronomical for Mayan galactic day is 25,625 years and is divided into 5 small cycles of 5125 years: galactic morning, noon galactic galactic sunset, dusk and dawn galactic galactic is the fifth sun, the sixth sun is the new beginning of another 25,625 years galactic day begins again with the first small galactic cycle called the morning. "Advent ceremony of the sixth sun" is the heart of my composition, here it is developing the transition from fifth to sixth sun sun. The contents of the first text that refers astronomically soprano sings this pregnant relentless sun light emitted by the KU HUNAB (galactic center) that brings rays of renewal with the new era of Maya, "that your shadows come and as larks" are those wonders that heaven gives us in this year of galactic alignments, such as the transit of Venus across the sun that occurred on June 5 in some countries and 6 June in others. Choir with vocal strength proclaims the restoration of the kingdom of Honduras "Honduras Bride restores his kingdom, Honduras Mayans give you new sun", the spiritual flute speaks for our civilization Maya holding those beautiful sounds mystics percussion backing which is the inheritance of the DNA of our great ancestors rhythmic. During the second text sung by the soprano "Rulers of Copan Dynasty Ancestral everyone stands today and sing" I'm inviting all ancestral power delivery make us of the sixth sun (morning galactic), giving honor to who is the genesis of that great civilization KINICH Yax Kuk Mo and the last governor who was YAX PAC) I have prepared a short excerpt from a training video for better understanding of the astronomical theory of our ancestors: 4) RENEWAL OF EMPEROR (the advent of the sixth sun has brought renewal to the emperor and love for Honduras by us is renowned, the 2012 is a commitment of all Hondurans to improve the country based on the theory that it is maya renewal time) 5) THE MEETING WITH THE SOVEREIGN (the encounter with God is our Lord, is the closing coral in Maya chorti that says "I was walking and at the top of the mountain the sovereign God enlighten me" and closes with EMUTCAYGUISACOPASAGMI soprano is "the bird song at dawn" bone when a bird sings at dawn is synonymous with hope, dawn, Dew, of positivism, bright fresh color etc ...
Added on Nov 27, 2012 by lonewolf
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  Observational astronomy  
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