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The AstronomersCelestial Navigation (Original)
Celestial Navigation (Original)
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Up in the Northern Hemisphere, in the middle of July In the night time the stars appear, one-by-one across the sky It's nearly twilight the sun is set, come and join us on the quarterdeck And if you bust out your sextant, wait....nothing rhymes with sextant We're on our way to Cali-for-ni-a, Ursa Major's on the port side Alkaid, Alioth and Duhbe, form a ladle in the sky And if you let your eyes drift along, little dipper helps me sing this song And at the end of it's tail so bright, shines Polaris with all it's might Continue on to Cassiopea, Schedar shimmers, oh, mama mia Look up a little and Cygnus you'll find, Deneb's so bright it'll blow your mind The wings of Cygnus point to Ve-ega, and to Altair on the right These three stars form a triangle, in the summer night Chorus Twinkle twinkle little star, how we used to wonder where we are When the skies are clear and the clouds are gone Once the sun goes down we'll be havin a ball With celestial navigation, celestial navigation Sitting on the top yard, is the elusive red-footed booby And if you don't look too far, directly astern is Zubenelgenubi Libra points ahead and on, Virgo is the next constellation in this song Spica's still on our stern, if you speed on down you'll feel the burn Two points on quarter now, Antares shines the way to Scorpio Shaula's in the tail below, so shoot it with your sextant JWO fo'sho Steve's in the doghouse too, with his laser pointer to sho-ow you How to find the stars, and help you navigate to the nearest bar Chorus Bridge When you have the stars and some nautical science With Professor Rich King and your sextant alliance Just remember this song and you don't need to mess He'll corroborate you don't need no GPS Take your numbers to the doghouse to work it up Don't forget your index error, that's wassup Get your interval, your azimuth, your height calculated Put it in your plottin sheet and stress is abated (stress is abated) From Spica look up high, not too far away Arcturus is nigh With Corona Borealis nearby, you'll find Alphecca not Chewbacca Arc back up from Arcturus now, to get to Ursa Major Use Alioth and it's guardian star, bring it on down until you find Leo Regulus is in the front paw, now it's time for bed before I start to ya-awn Robert C. Seamans, go, on our way to San Francisco Chorus (x2)
Added on Nov 27, 2012 by lonewolf
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  Stellar astronomy  
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