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The AstronomersCoronal Mass Ejection 2012 SOLAR STORM
Coronal Mass Ejection 2012 SOLAR STORM
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Our solar system is travelling at 11 million miles per hour in a spiral around the black hole at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy. The Solar System is entering an area of space that is high in energy and it will affect every single atom in the entire solar system. The sun is awakening to what NASA predicts as the largest once in a lifetime solar maximum! HOW THIS COULD CAUSE EARTHQUAKES: This information was channeled through me in an altered state of meditation.. The energy the sun gives off in a CME energizes Earth's magnetic fields, which temporarily alters the field and not just the outer edge of the magnetic band but the entire band, this is evident in Ampere's law in conjunction with Maxwell's equations, in which electrical charge changes the magnetic flux density per inhomogeneous electromagnetic wave. When electric charges oscillates or accelerates it creates a disturbance of the electromagnetic field. There is nothing in spatial dimension that stops the energy from traversing the entire magnetic band and displacing current, this is the norm as it is stated in Gauss's Law for Magnetism that magnetic field lines never begin nor end, forming either loops or extending to infinity, so there is no separation from disturbances at the outer edge of these loops. Its easier to directly observe visual interaction at the edge of our ionosphere but the energy is in fact circulating through those magnetic field lines. I want to illustrate that materials in earth's crust have been magnetized and account for the misalignment of the earth's magnetic field by 11.3 degrees so it does have some measurable effect on the magnetic fields themselves, which means there is also the reverse relationship that magnetic fields also affect materials in earth's crust which leads me to my hypothesis that shifting magnetic fields may cause disruptions in the magnetic materials residing within earth's core as well as throughout the crust on a global scale which will cause tension from the directional change in force expressed through these magnetic fields which would generate pressure as represented as a tug or pull in the direction of alignment with new magnetic field positions.
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