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The AstronomersTime dilation in Quantum Mechanics an artist interpretation
Time dilation in Quantum Mechanics an artist interpretation
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This is only an artist view of Quantum Mechanics and time dilation and is only a theory. But I believe the paradoxes of quantum mechanics will not make sense until we have an understanding of time. In Quantum Atom Theory time has geometry and symmetry that can explain entanglement and non-locality. This symmetry can be seen not just in mathematics but also in the beauty of Nature throughout the visual Universe. The forward momentum of electromagnetic radiation forms Einsteins curvature of spacetime and form part of the dynamically evolving geometry of time. Because it is impossible to achieve absolute zero all atoms radiate EMR continuously and it is this emission and absorption of EMR that creates the forward momentum of time at the most fundamental level. Because light is EMR in the visible spectrum this process is visible to us in the Two Slit Experiment and this video explains the paradoxes of this experiment. Time is only relative to the wave length of the object creating the spacetime. Once again this can be seen because light of different wavelengths have different colours. This theory fits in with Einsteins theories on relativity because the individual atoms create their own spacetime geometry relative to their position and momentum therefore there is no universal time. Read more at
Added on Nov 27, 2012 by lonewolf
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