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The AstronomersQuantum Gravity, Frequency, Electromagnetism, Matter, Mass, Energy, Mind, Thoughts, Consciousness
Quantum Gravity, Frequency, Electromagnetism, Matter, Mass, Energy, Mind, Thoughts, Consciousness
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Dear reader, E=mQ² a fact proven by Alan Zeeper & Andraž Pibernik. See and read all about it under: and one of our science experiments: If there is a cosmic consciousness at 10^86 Hz, one can connect to it over the pineal gland and there should be another one called classic mechanical which is the pressure of the m or Electrical-Mass - gravity on the neurones inside the brain, also defined as density difference between the microtubules in the neurons and the constant density of the space or the atmosphere which is the new definition of Zeeper's gravity. When we dive into the water the pressure is higher and it starts to hurt. When we are naked in the Vacuum our blood boils. These neurones and their microtubules must work the same as a quantum computer and when m or Electrical-Mass is pushing down it presses the correct key on the keyboard of the quantum computer. This is the same as one would be playing an organ in the church, which in turn produces music or speech and makes us conscious. If Hameroff and Penrose accept the Alan Zeeper model of gravity as a push and density difference than their Orch OR theory is correct. As there are no pulling forces of gravity in the universe and the gravity was defined wrong, because one can not play an organ by pulling the keys, because this always requires a pushing force. "There is no such thing as theory of everything. There only is one and only everything." Personal quote: A. Pibernik "This in turn means that we are all 1 equaling this 1 or part of a bigger infinite 1^∞, and as we need no power because dimensions such as time, distance, velocity and power integer of infinity had been abolished possessing only a mathematical dummy character, the author dares to say with his greatest certitude that our hearts and spirits had enough of observing of our numerical order of non spiritual retardation, meaning that iQ physically means nothing else than, I am Q. If one needs more answers he should look for information about the force that compels the humanity to explore to learn and to develop, which makes us so interesting that we need to be preserved in the cosmic heart, by the combined consciousness of the peoples of the Mega-Federation and our own spirits." To confirm this 1 or ones of existence an Austrian Erwin Schrödinger also the author of the famous Schrödinger equation, in his book "What is Life" defined this 1E fundamental energy and stuff the universe is made of referred to as consciousness as "a singular of which the plural is unknown. There is only 1m thing, and that which seems to be a plurality is merely a series of different aspects of this 1Q thing, produced by a deception ... as in a gallery of mirrors." By inserting E, m, Q into his equation we obtain iQ meaning, I am this 1 no matter the size of my consciousness as 1 always =1. An old quote from my Gravity Professor Alan Zeeper who combined Gravity with Electromagnetism: "Gravity is the omni-latent expansion of all mass. The scientific community has been blinded by complexity, rather than enlightened by simplicity of the cosmic mathematics. Gravity can not be unified with the erroneous hybrid formula which Prof. Albert Einstein gave to the world in 1905." Al Zeeper overruled Gravity being a pulling force by proving via simple and logic mathematics that it is the pressure of the electrical mass, to be compared with an ocean that over floods the universe. This ocean of electrical mass is truly pushing us down to the planet. Celestial bodies possess their densities and are not only held, but also positioned in the orbits around their reference stars relative to the constant density of the space which is not empty. See: and I dedicate this video to my Gravity Professor Al Zeeper, Zee from Edmonton, Canada. Alan Zeeper truly deserves the highest admiration for his work and effort invested into this endeavor. Support him by visiting his remarkable videos on YouTube and his homepage. Children of tomorrow, use his work to prove to your physics teacher that there is no such thing as pulling Gravity and get your self a good note, perhaps a recommendation to a good College or even University. Our special thanks go to the main project team members who contribute on a daily basis: Please write to us to: and we will provide you with any question or related material you desire, FREE of charge. Share this video.
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