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The AstronomersWho is an Atheist? Atheism? Spirituality Enlightenment
Who is an Atheist? Atheism? Spirituality Enlightenment
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Comments Atheist don't believe in God, or don't believe in religion. But something that holds true is that people need to believe in themselves. By believing in yourself, and knowing yourself, you come to realize deeper truths that have always been inside you. You don't need outer worship or outer beliefs to know truth. You need to focus inwardly and know/realize yourself. Transcription Who is an atheist? Many people, particularly scientists, are declaring themselves to be atheists. In their mind it is impossible to prove the existence of God, the soul or reincarnation. They are attempting to prove God through scientific methods. Light or soul cannot be proven. Atma is shapeless and if it is formless how can you prove it? Your brain holds billions of bits of information, but it is impossible to prove it and there is no need to prove it. You know it. An atheist thinks he doesn't believe in the existence of God, soul, or incarnation. In reality an atheist and a theist are two sides of the same coin. The atheist condemns any faith or organized religion. An atheist, by his own logic denies the existence of God and soul and a theist, also by his own logic accepts the existence of God and soul. Actually, an atheist might be more curious about God or our existence than a theist. A theist is merely a believer. All beliefs are false for the reason that they can change from one day to the next. It means they are not eternal. Today you might be a Christian and tomorrow you will be a Buddhist. But where did your belief go? It was false. The person who inquires about themselves is the best person. Being an atheist or a theist does not make sense. The spiritual person who is trying to discover who he is, is on the right path. To be an atheist or a theist does not bring peace to the world. It is better to be a spiritual person instead. ASHRAM EMAIL UPDATES (free spiritual email updates and training) GOOGLE + Acharya Shree Yogeesh: Sadhvi Siddhali Shree: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: SPIRITUAL BLOGS / MP3s FREE TRAINING Meditation Techniques: Introduction to Chakras: SPIRITUAL RETREATS Main Website: Meditation Retreat: Yoga Retreat: Knowing yourSelf Retreat: Personal Retreat: Silent Retreat: Chakra Activation Retreat: PTSD Retreat: Stress Relief Retreat: ABOUT ACHARYA SHREE YOGEESH Acharya Shree Yogeesh is a living enlightened master that dedicates his life to spreading the message of nonviolence, compassion, truth, soul awakening and total transformation. KEYWORDS Acharya shree, yogeesh ashram, acharya shree yogeesh, what is yoga, what is meditation, what is peace, world peace, yoga training, yoga classes, yoga retreats, meditation retreats, pranayama yoga, pranayama, breathing techniques, meditation techniques, free meditation, guided meditation, meditation music, spirituality and religion, science of spirituality, meaning of spirituality, definition of spirituality, dallas, texas, Houston, Austin, ashram, India hindu, hindi, Buddhist, Hinduism, Christianity, Christian, swami swami, acharya ji, swamiji, spiritual teachers, spiritual master, enlightened master, enlightenment, how to meditate, transcendental, how to yoga, tutorial, advice, psychic, guru, Indian, spiritual guru, spiritual retreat center, spiritual retreat, spiritual retreats, meditacion, meditation for ptsd, healing ptsd, veteran spirituality, post traumatic stress disorder, ptsd help, spiritual help, medical help, ptsd treatment, stress relief, meditation for relaxation, meditation for peace, meditation for calmness, meditation benefits, spiritualism, chakras, osho, chakra activation, chakra *tags* spiritual, spirituality, spiritual teacher, spiritual guru, spiritual master, seeker, truth, enlightenment, peace, self-realization, meditation, awareness
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