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The AstronomersIsaac Asimov - The Foundation Trilogy (a BBC radio adaptation, 1973)
Isaac Asimov - The Foundation Trilogy (a BBC radio adaptation, 1973)
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Video is not for profit. [Radio Drama] Each part is time stamped below. Source to audio files/Internet Archive (public domain): Foundations, Foundation and Empire, & Second Foundation. PART 1) 0:00 Psychohistory and Encyclopedia: "The opening episode begins on Trantor, capital of the Galactic Empire, with the meeting of Hari Seldon and Hal Dornick, their trial, and their exile to Terminus. The action then jumps forward fifty years, to the first Seldon Crisis, where the repercussions of the recent independence of the Four Kingdoms of the Periphery are being felt on Terminus, and are handled by the first Mayor, Salvor Hardin." PART 2) 1:00:13 The Mayors: "The scene moves forward a further twenty years, as Mayor Hardin faces down the domination of the nearby and most powerful of the Four Kingdoms, Anacreon, whose ruler intends to annex the Foundation by force." PART 3) 1:56:15 The Merchant Princes: "A hundred and fifty years after the Foundation was established, the now powerful trading nation, guided by master trader Hober Mallow, faces its greatest threat to date." PART 4) 2:54:14 The General: "Two hundred years after its creation, the Foundation battles Bel Riose, the last powerful General of the dying Galactic Empire. PART 5) 3:49:47 The Mule: "A further hundred years have passed, and the Foundation is challenged by an unexpected threat named The Mule." PART 6) 4:49:32 Flight From The Mule: "During the war against The Mule, with things going badly for the Foundation, some key figures under the leadership of the Foundation's greatest scientist, Ebling Mis, flee Terminus in search of the Second Foundation, to warn it of the danger from The Mule." PART 7) 5:50:04 The Mule Finds: "The Mule attempts to find and overthrow the Second Foundation." PART 8) 6:50:34 Star's End: "Sixty years later a teenage girl is at the center of the Foundation's renewed search for the Second Foundation." "The premise of the series is that mathematician Hari Seldon spent his life developing a branch of mathematics known as psychohistory, a concept devised by Asimov and his editor John W. Campbell. Using the law of mass action, it can predict the future, but only on a large scale; it is error-prone for anything smaller than a planet or an empire. It works on the principle that the behavior of a mass of people is predictable if the quantity of this mass is very large (equal to the population of the galaxy). The larger the mass, the more predictable is the future. Using these techniques, Seldon foresees the fall of the Galactic Empire, which encompasses the entire Milky Way, and a dark age lasting thirty thousand years before a second great empire arises. To shorten the period of barbarism, he creates two Foundations, small, secluded havens of art, science, and other advanced knowledge, on opposite ends of the galaxy. The focus of the trilogy is on the Foundation of the planet Terminus. The people living there are working on an all-encompassing Encyclopedia, and are unaware of Seldon's real intentions (for if they were, the variables would become too uncontrolled). The Encyclopedia serves to preserve knowledge of the physical sciences after the collapse. The Foundation's location is chosen so that it acts as the focal point for the next empire in another thousand years (rather than the projected thirty thousand)." Links:
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