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The AstronomersWhat Is Time? Determinism, Quantum Physics, Consciousness, Information, Free Will, Causality...
What Is Time? Determinism, Quantum Physics, Consciousness, Information, Free Will, Causality...
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Resolution: optimized for 640 x 360 (16:9 SD) Welcome to Cracking the Nutshell! In this video, I discuss the nature of time. Summary: - Newtonian time (absolute time) - Relativistic Time (Einstein) / The observer - Time dilation (Special Relativity Theory) - Muons / cosmic rays (half-life) - Philosophical Theories of Time: A and B theories (John McTaggart) - Presentism / Block Time - "Now" moment and consciousness (awareness of change) - Determinism and classical physics - Free will an illusion? - Is time linear? - Time as perception of duration, change and ordering of events - Time an illusion of consciousness? - Time enabling 3D physical perception of space - Universe whith no change and no perception - Individual time, intricately linked to awareness - Is time more fundamental than space? - Universe where only patterns of states exist and perception of change, hence time (but no 3D space) - Fundamental time (quantum of time): Planck time - Quantum gravity / Quantum universe simulations - Time fundamental (not emergent) - Renate Loll - Time and consciousness - Is there an objective reality out there? - Quantum physics / religion / philosophy / spirituality - Physics and New Age ideas - Consciousness as taboo (within Physics) - Brilliant minds in Quantum Physics: Einstein, Bohr, Schrödinger, Heisenberg, Wigner, Bohm, Wheeler, Feynman.... - Time from the Quantum Physics perspective - Probability distributions - Observation / Measurement / Retrieval of Information / Collapse of the wavefunction - Collapse of Determinism - Fundamental role of observer and "now" moment of time - Determinism and randomness - Arrow of time / Entropy / Causality / Deterministic equations of physics - Second Law of Thermodynamics / Disorder / Time direction - Is causality fundamental in our universe? - Free will and determinism - Consciousness and free will and illusion? - Schrödinger's equation and determinism - Non-local reality in the background (computing outside our space-time) - Flow of information between realities (or dimensions) - From determinism to randomness? Or is there another option? - Interaction between quantum world and consciousness / free will - Double-slit experiments - Information or knowledge fundamental? - Experiments that provide evidence of mind-matter interaction (consciousness or free will can influence the outcome of a probabilistic distribution) - Quantum random number generators - Helmut Schmidt - Free will debates - Purely linear physical causality? - Non-local realms, nested time / nested realities - Tom Campbell - Dogmatic believes within science - Can the present change the past? Retro-causality (backwards causality) - Delayed choice quantum eraser - Nature of time and arrow of time, when causality does not need to be linear nor confined to just our-space time - Reality linked to observation / Collapse of objective reality - Linear timeline in our space-time versus branching time-line in probability space - Retrieval of information (from probability space to our space-time) as key to understanding causality - Past and future databases / branching timeline - Reality as probabilistic + free will - Scientific method and science - Physics / Metaphysics / Philosophy References and other suggested videos / info: Philosophy theories of time: Renata Loll videos: Tom Campbell video: Cracking the Nutshell website:
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