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The AstronomersDeek Jackson - Born to be Lied to - Landless Peasant Carries the Torch of Truth on Election Day
Deek Jackson - Born to be Lied to - Landless Peasant Carries the Torch of Truth on Election Day
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SCADs are State Crimes Against Democracy-American Behavioral Scientist-Feb. 2010 Now you can show peer reviewed material about the conspiracy to people that thought you were crazy Terror Management Theory-System Justification Theory-Cognitive Dissonance Theory, mortal salience, motivated reasoning & confirmation bias offer insight into reasons why it feels good to case build for fantasies TMT-You know you are here but you also know that you will not always be here & that you may die at any minute from a meteor or a heart attack & you also know that you are no more significant than a roach or a radish We have an ego-maniacal desire to believe we are a person of value. We want to be heroes, we need to know our ideas are important. We need to be needed & we seek approval from others to fill those needs. The idea that we are finite biological reactions does not sit well with most people We have a compulsion to believe we live in a world of meaning & not a universe of black holes & big bangs so we create CULTure with stories about creating the earth in six days, great floods, walking on water, rising from the dead & other miracles to test our faith We know from observations that this Universe is about 13.7 Billion years old & expanding faster all the time from our point of origin We know at the quantum level its scalar energy waves that make particles, depending upon the observer's intent & quarks make up this energy We also know matter is made from this energy in the form of atoms which are mostly empty space so matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration that we can see & touch or measure with our instruments Keep in mind that we are all on a planet spinning on our axis at about 1,000 miles per hour circling our sun at about 60,000 miles an hour while the sun is traveling around the Milky Way at about 800,000 mph & the Milky Way is moving around the Universe at about 3 million mph so any feeling of motionlessness & permanence is an illusion. Add to this the ellipses of the orbits of all the bodies & we get wave fluctuations in everything from eclipses, environmental changes & human behaviors The average person is aware of 50,000 self talks during their waking hours. These include the memories you are preserving, the systems of denial you are justifying & the plans you are making for the future version of you. Incidentally over 75% on average are negative which technically puts us all in a state of PTSD Each time you think it, hear it, see it, read it, say it or sense it in any way you create another copy of it Every seven years every cell in your body is completely recycled & changed. You are not the same person. You are emergent & ever evolving The only things that carry on are your memories & your vision of you in the future that you spent your time planning & preparing for or watching tell lie vision & being indoctrinated into by CULTure We all get to imprint 1984 through the education system & absorb movies like THX 1138, Roller ball, Running man, Logans run, Star wars, James Bond, Blade Runner & the ever growing list of dystopian futures our owners have planned for us If your world view depends upon some death denial beLIEf in an eternal afterlife there is nothing you would not do in the service of your God, King & Country. The current prescribed wisdom shows that even children of the enemy are less than human & expendable in the pursuits of the State (of mind) From nuclear bombs to meat bombs the ideology is the same Ive often wondered what success means to many activists/truthers/belligerents/anti-this that or the other thing/concerned citizens. To me it seems that it never goes beyond the Problem Reaction Vague solutions Talk often focuses on restoring & returning to things like sound money & the free market Its a kind of nostalgic view of the good old days. I propose that there were no good old days. Show me one example as evidence of a good old day & Ill show you someplace on the planet where it was anything but good. Oppression of one is oppression of all. Its one planet, one people Others offer the suggestion that control of our money & economic purchasing power by the people sic the state, will somehow bring independence & freedom while ignoring that the system of monetary exchange of labor for basic life support will still exist. The state will still exist & competing states will still form cartels. Take away all their assets but allow them to continue writing credits & they will just buy it all back again Some peoples idea of utopia is a cashless credit/indulgence based society where we are born into debt/original sin with a camera/god watching our every move & police/priests in armed vehicles enforcing our compliance. Its a theocratic hell hole where you have freedom of religion but not freedom from religion. You will be required to pick a team & fight to the death for it
Added on Nov 16, 2012 by deek
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