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The AstronomersIllegal Drugs Bullshit
Illegal Drugs Bullshit
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Illegal drugs are the secongd biggest business on planet earth, the biggest business is the arms trade. To make money from the arms trade , you need conflict and war, you need people to hate and kill each other. No one will buy your guns and bombs if peace and understanding reighn across the world, no one will spend billions on planes, rockets and missiles unless they wish others to die or fear death themselves ..hi can i interest you in an airforce to bomb your neighbour with ,,no man there cool , bit noisy at the weeknd but shit I dont wanna drop bombs on them ,,,are you sure how about some tanks just in case there next bbq gets a little rowdy, no really were fine.Trade in illegal Drugs make 400 billion a year, i didnt make that figure up the UN gave it to me. Drugs only make that much money because you want them and they are illegal, try making cellery illegal and see who gives a fuck. coffee. tobbacco, beer, whisky, these drugs are legal because there has to be something fun for the masses to do right.. I mean it would be a hard faced puritanical fascist regime that didnt let its minions do something to alleviate the boredom ..back to work scum and no changing your state of mind when you get home , live to work and die in misery hahahaha..thats not gonna go down to well is it..tho there are some elite yoga gurus doing the dragons breath breathing exercise, ommm ..that .releases a naturaly occuring hallucegen, ommm but for the rest of us less perfect . ommm everyday common people , its beer and cigarettes or is it..400 billion ..dollars a year ...why there must be lots of us on drugs., your probabaly on drugs , and so are you ..drugs from all over the world,, for all kinds of states of mind , drugs to keep you up,, drugs to put you down , drugs to get you up again , drugs to make you feel , drugs to take away feeling, 400 billion dollars theres gotta be a whole lot of smoking snorting shootiing and popping going on , unless theres 400 people each paying a billion dollars a year for there habit ..., yeh man i can sort you out man , but ittl cost you like a 1 billion dollars a gram man ..get the fuck out here I could buy bolivia for that.. I dont think so... theres massive exploitation of people and their desire to take drugs..which is why they are illegal,. Are there good drugs , are there bad drugs, which drugs are which...doctors kill more people every year with prescription medicines than all the illegal drugs put together ....dont believe me , google it ,then google it agian , and keep googling it till your well informed and have rid yourdelf of ignorance in this matter ...your doctor is a deadly drug dealer , your government are legal drug barons , your society , my society ,is high society, and some people are making billions of it because what we want has been deemed contraband....drugs the second biggest business on earth , 400 billion dollars worth of business,whooeeew thats a lot of money,,for stuff thats not worth much really , not worth much at all, most of the drugs people want are abundant ,cheap , and easy to grow or aquire,
Added on Nov 16, 2012 by deek
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