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The AstronomersThe Static Earth - The Geostationary Model works!
The Static Earth - The Geostationary Model works!
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I made this video from Go there and click on the link that says: Controllable Demonstration. Only when the Earth is static or unmoving do you get the beautiful flower patterns from the orbital paths of the other planets. To get a better understanding of how epicycles could work with the Static Earth Model please see the following links about Plasma Cosmology: It gets a bit technical but stay with it and you'll reap the rewards. Here's an edited and shorter version: Otherwise, just type Plasma Cosmology into a youtube search and you'll find plenty of stuff. A good summary of Plasma Cosmology can be found here... "Ptolemaic epicycles were mathematically elegant, and they worked, but they failed to recognise the underlying mechanism."
Added on Nov 16, 2012 by deek
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