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The AstronomersThe Science of Cosmology Vedas-Unity in Diversity-By Vidyardhi Nanduri.
The Science of Cosmology Vedas-Unity in Diversity-By Vidyardhi Nanduri.
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THE SCIENCE OF COSMOLOGY AND VEDAS : UNITY IN DIVERSITY DR VIDYARDHI NANDURI The subject of COSMOLOGY is a borderland between the Sciences and the Philosophy. This subject attracts all mankind in search of direction to provide Unity in many diversified fields. Is there a higher dimension of Science in Myths and Philosophies ? Can VEDAS provide more light for the COSMIC UNIVERSE ? Scientists start search from the Laboratories, then extend the domains of knowledge through Hubble Space Telescopes, X-Ray Astronomy, Explorers, Satellites and new probing missions towards Milky Way Galaxy. Our Galactic Home is 100,000 Light Years wide and Science can reach up to Laser limits of 10^16 LY. A number of Scientists project Dark matter and Black-holes as ultimate aim while others look at the Universe with a New VISION: 99.99 % of the Universe by volume is a SEA OF PLASMA. PLASMA is the fourth state of matter. Equally interesting is that the ELECTRO-MAGNETIC FIELDS are 10^40 times stronger than the Gravitational fields. The COSMOS is dominated by Plasmas and Electro-magnetic Fields and new models are contemplated for COSMOLOGY studies with the SPACE dominated by Field-aligned Currents. Even EARTH is surrounded by 3 VAN-ALLEN BELTS. VEDAS provide flow of knowledge as dictation and Sciences of Vedic Knowledge should project Comprehension of the entire COSMOLOGY. The following books-Coverpages are included 1.PLASMA VISION OF THE UNIVERSE-1993 (Reg No: TXU 729718 ) 2.THE VISION OF COSMIC TO *PREM UNIVERSE-1995 (Reg No: TXU 893693 )*PREM: Plasma Regulated Electro-Magnetic Universe 3.OM VEDIC VISION OF THE UNIVERSE-1996 (Reg No:TXU729719) 4. VEDIC VISION OF THE UNIVERSE-II, 1997(Reg No: TXU 893691) It is based on Vedas,Upanishads and Scientific relevance to Cosmology 5. THE SCIENTIFIC ESSENCE OF COSMIC PHILOSOPHY-1999 (TXU 982-556 ) Fig 39. It is based on the science of philosophy and the philosophy of science and integration. 6.OM COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS TO COSMOLOGY REVISION-2000( TXU 982-559) 7.UNITY OF CONSCIOUSNESS IN SCIENCE, RELIGION AND PHILOSOPHY (Revised Feb. 2002) (Reg No: TX 5-574-909). It includes questions on the cosmos. For iSBN and Additional Books Update, Please contact Author. sponsors for East West Cosmology studies are welcome BOOKS BY VIDYARDHI NANDURI [1993-2011]
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