Morons are Hoping

Morons are hoping, God is the answer,
to all the questions and mysteries too,
Astonomers study and then know the answers,
you can all join us and know them too

There really is no god, at least not a person,
you are not special, he’s not watching you,
join us if you want to know the answers,
join us and be an Astronomer too

Mine is the starlight, mine is the knowing,
born of the one light, Universe made,
praise with elation, Astronomers who have,
studied Universe and become sage

All stars bright and beautiful

All stars bright and beautiful,

all planets great and small,

all things in Universe,

Nature made them all.

The snow encrusted mountains,

the river running by,

the sunrise in the morning,

that gives our planet life.

All stars bright and beautiful,

all planets great and small,

all things in Universe,

nature made them all.

The changing of the seasons,

winter cold to summer sun,

our galaxy and others,

Universe made them One.

All things wise and wonderful,

Nature made them all.

The Theory Of Everything

I know that time is infinite,

does not end, does not begin,

And energy can’t be destroyed or created,

only changed

And we can know these things for sure,

and though some mysteries endures.

Someday we’ll unify theories of

all energy and mass we see

Bring me my books, my charts and facts.

Bring me instruments of this and that.

Bring telescope and chronograph.

Bring me my warm and wooly hat.

I’ll not believe a single thing,

nor shall I cease from studying.

Till we have unified theories of

the energy and mass we see

Praise The Laws

The Laws of physics are the truth within their valid domain

they have never been contradicted at least not repeatedly

They’re univesrsal and that means they apply, every where

They’re omnipotent, and everything else In Universe must comply

The laws of physics are simple and they can be simply expressed

by An an equation, that has been worked out Mathematically

They’re absolute and cannot change and have not since they were found

They’re conservative of, energy and reversible, in time

The laws of physics rule ok we wrote them and we can change

how they are expressed, or understood but not how they came to be