Let Us Know

Blessed are the laws of physics and the knowing of them,
let us respect and revere the lives of our forebears,
that delivered the laws unto us that we may not be morons,
give us strength and let us live on in this state of choice
before our matter and energy are changed by Universe,
as we once again become stardust as we were,
as we shall be.
Oh laws of physics,
help us spread the facts and by their spreading,
remove the ignorant and the morons from our sight for ever,
and let us make the most of our choices and waste not our lives
in mumbo jumbo nor hocus pocus, yeh even not in gobble dee gook!

Of the Facts

Oh Universe of facts,
help us deliver the morons of this planet
and any others there may be on other planets as aliens,
to the joy of knowing and the other good of stuff.
Grant us the courage to call a moron a moron,
and the means to deliver them from belief into the knowing,
before their ignorance overcomes any more life on this planet.
Great googly moogly!

The Laws Prayer

Our Universe which art all things,
hallowed be thy facts.
Thy existence is,
thy laws be one

on Earth as it is in Universe.
Give us today our day to day,
that we may ask questions,
as we get answers from the questions that we ask,

and lead us not into superstition,
but deliver us from belief.
For thine is the eternal road of infinite study,
for ever and ever.

one time

OH Universe

Oh Universe, that is not happy or sad at our coming or going,

though we may be as we know we will come and go

Oh Universe, that is not fulfilled by our motions or actions

though we may think upon them and gauge them for ourselves

Oh Universe, that is not concerned with our well being or survival

though we may take stock of them to continue our study

Oh Universe, that cares not for our good deeds or bad s

o we may be without like or dislike for them

Oh Universe, that is not happy or sad at our coming or going,

reveal the facts and the laws to us The Astronomers

so we may convert the morons and the ignorant savages

bringing them with us on the eternal road of infinite study