Hello Earth People!

One Time felow travellers, here we are and here is where its at. Welcome to the middle of time , from where infinity stretches as far as you can look back and as far as you look forward. Welcome to the ministry of spacetime and the church o great study, I am the very revered Ordono Mundi , humble servant of the sacred facts , maintainer of the of laws physics. and humble student of the only thing greater than I am …Great googly moogly …Carged by our alien friends with bringing the light ansd good of astronomy to the people of Earth. Please Fill your lungs with a mixture of gases from our atmosphere and join with me now as we sing our first hymn of the day , the laws of physics rule ok….to the tune of the the lords my shepherd….

The Laws of physics are the truth
within their valid domain
they have never been . contraaa dicted
at least not repeatedly

Theyre univesrsal and that means
they apply, every where
Theyre omnipotent, and everything else
In Universe must comply

The laws of physics are simple
and they can be simply expressed
by An an equation, that has been worked out

There absolute and cannot change
and have not since they were found
Theyre conservative of, energy
and reversible , in time

The laws of physics rule ok
we wrote them and they we can change
how they are expressed , or understood
but not how they came to be

Fellow traveller here we are.. and being here is where its at.. I say here we are and here is definately where its at ,, this moment of Universe is all there is, and the way it is is the way itÁ is, praise the laws. , let me hear ya say ..We know , we know, ..
Let Us know
blessed are the laws of physics and the knowing of them, let us respect and rever the lives of our forebears
That delivered the laws unto us that we may not be morons, Give us strength and let us live on in this state of choice
before our matter and energy are changed by Universe, as we once again become stardust as we were ,as we shall be
Oh laws of physics, Help us spread the facts and by their spreading , remove the ignorant and the morons from our sight for ever
And let us make the most of our choices and waste not our lives, in mumbo jumbo nor hocus pocus yeh even not in gobble dee gook

nOW Many of the ignorant savages on this planet can be observed to believe in an after life, in a “heaven” if you will…, in some kinda a wonderful paradise that exists for theire benefit and in which , they will live on forever with all their memories intact and all their dead relatives restored to “themsel„ves” even if they died slobbering deranged mental patients shitting their pants and talkning about pocket fluff..
perhaps becuase of this they are content for now , this moment in time , here on earth to be rubbish , wasted in the pursuit of material goods and gain ,filled with pointless destruction of the earth , and lacking a plan or even a very good design for a spaceship with which to escape the big mess they be making of our planet..they believe when they die , no matter how , greedy , selfish , destructive, ignorant of the laws and sacred facts of universe they may be..a magical imaginary friend has created a place for them to live out their sorry, insignificant moronic lives for ever ..well… this aint gonna happen..it never has happened and it never will happen, the savages have been deluded by charlatans and pedlars of supersticion and gobble dee gook….However there is a more wonderfull truth , a truth built on facts , resting upon the fundemats of the laws of phyRsics..
Nothing can be destroyed Everything lives forever , all matter , all energy, goes on infinitly…since energy cannot be created or destroyed only chnaged.. As it is written in the 3rd law of thermodynamics revealed to us by Isacc newton peace be upon him for travelling the eternal road of infinite study ..praise the Laws…let me hear ya say …all that we are , every particle of our being , all the vibrating quantum energy packets, it all goes on , and on forever in Universe….
But you dont..you will not be you , you and you petty human concerns do not remain , you will not live on with your taste your , dreams, limited horizons, no you will not , you and who you are will perish and only your matter and energy will endure…
So it is that this is the only amazing time where we live as complex organisms, organisms with more ch¶oice than ever before or ever after, now is time to make Universe wonderfull, now is the time to do your will..Now is when to enjoy the ride..The Morons who think this is a test or something better happens after this are wasting their choices..
even worse theyr are wasting and destroying choice for us , for each life spent in delusion and ignorance , diminishes all of our lives in some way . So I say to ye fellow travellers on the eternal road of infinite study, revel in your choices, know what there is to know and be assured as surely as gravity sucks , your energy goes on forever but you are only here Once so it so it shall be..exist forever and live only one time..≥
join me now and fill your lungs with a mix of gases from our atmosphere for our last hymn today ..Morons are hoping, to the tune of morning has broken

Morons are hoping, God is ƒthe answer
to all the questions and mysteries too
astronmers study and then know the answers
you can all join us and know them too

Theer really is no god , at least not a person
you are not special hes not watching you
join us if you want to know the answers
join us and be an astronomer too

Mine is the starlight, mine is the knowing
Born of the one light, Universe made
Praise with elation, astronomers who have
studied universe and become sage

Yes morons are hoping , and hope is desperate and will not feed you nor save you from ignorance nor form in your brain the knowing of anything . But morons ar e happy ,,happy happy happyy …and ignorance for many people is bliss and even if it isnt , some !mumbo jumbo vodoo nutta will come along and tell them ..You could be happy , you and your petty , cosmically insignificant life, could be filled with happines and you personally could experience a deep fullfullment in a spiritual way that only I and my voodoo bretheren can tell you all about .. just mumble the mumbo after me and you selfish personal happiness needs will be taken care of by our own mumbly pocus god , who even tho he created universe and is currently manifesting his will over infinite time and all things , is personnalluy interested in your salvation, and your happness yes he is ,cos its all about you ..you wonderfully special person you let me hear you say vodooo..voodoo…fellow students thats all voodoo , taking you away from the road , stealling you from the path of stu‡dy and making you a navel gazing twat, more concerned with ya own smugg self satifaction than doing or knowing anything usefull .. Astronomers may be happy or may not be happy , and your happiness or lack of it may influence universe in many ways ..but I can asure you it will not change the sacred facts , not alter the laws of physics and no amount of happiness will yield or prevent a unified theory of all energy and mass we see , from being discovered..So let us not dwell in the selfish domain of personal fullfillment , there is nothing to save you from but ignornce and nobody is listening to yo prayer s but you , so get up of ya knees and come study…remember many of our revered forebears , galileo , copernicus, kepler, ˛and the great vedics of ancient times gave up their lives , there comforts their safety and yea even their happiness , to know more about universe than was know already…

Ahem …let us know

OH Universe that is not happy or sad at our coming or going

Tho we may be , as we know we will come and go

OH Universe that is not fullfilled by our motions or actions

tho we may think upon them and guage them for ourselves

OH Universe that is not concerned with our well being , or survival

tho we may take stock of them to continue our study

OH Universe that cares not for our good deeds or bad,

so we may be without like or dislike for them also

OH Universe that is not happy or sad at our coming or going,

Reveal the facts , and the laws to us the astronomers

so we may convert the morons and ignorant savages,

bringing them with us on the etrnal road of infinite study

One Time

Well thanks for listening , dont forget to vist our website theastronomers.org and help us on our sacred quest to rid the world of ignorance, spread the sacred facts ..remember this is your one time , this is the time of choice , this is the middle of time , here we are and here is where its at..great googly moogly..

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